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I had a long history of working at Diakon; the last 11 years of my career included preparing skilled nursing and personal care facilities for annual Department of Health surveys.

Based on this history, I knew the facility and Personal Care Administrator Charlene Fisher. I had knowledge of her philosophy in providing care and services for the residents of the Buffalo Valley personal care center. Because of this, we chose personal care at Buffalo Valley for our dear mother. Charlene leads by example; the example she sets is focused on treating all with kindness and compassion. Charlene pays attention to detail and takes the necessary steps to ensure both residents and family members are treated with dignity and respect. 

I would be remiss not to mention the long-time dedication of Shirley Franquet, activities coordinator, who goes above and beyond expectations to provide planned programming to enhance the quality of life for residents. The meals served to residents are prepared not only to meet the nutritional needs of the residents, but also cater to the largely "Pennsylvania Dutch" clientele residing there. Mother thoroughly enjoys her meals! All staff members are warm, welcoming and have given my sisters and me great peace of mind that our mother is well cared for and loved. Thank you!

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