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What does “independent living” mean for seniors?

If you are an independent, active older adult looking forward to leaving the hassles of homeownership behind to focus on pursuing new experiences or simply anticipating changes in your health that will require you to have convenient access to care, moving to a CCRC that includes an independent living community can help you achieve your goals. It’s important to find a community that fulfills your interests, expands your horizons and, ultimately, provides you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that you’re living happily and safely.

Independent living (IL) is a great senior living option to satisfy your dreams. Everyone has different goals for their later years, and the significant part about a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like Diakon Senior Living is that we fulfill every individual’s needs through a wide variety of services and amenities, care services and a well-rounded lifestyle. With four locations in central and eastern Pennsylvania, Diakon provides everything that residents and families need.

What exactly IS “independent living”?

Independent living communities, sometimes called “retirement communities,” are spaces designed for active older adults (55+) who want to spend their retirement years worrying less about the daily stresses of homeownership and focusing more on their health, happiness and well-being. If you don’t need regular medical care or assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), you are an excellent fit for independent living!

At Diakon, our IL communities offer a lifestyle filled with engaging social activities and events, innovative wellness programs, the opportunity to make new friends and the ability to invite old friends and family members to visit as often as you usually would. Diakon’s IL option focuses on helping you live on your terms and make your own choices. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter your interests.

The IL amenities and services offered in our monthly fee include a variety of dining rooms and menu items catered to personal tastes and dietary restrictions, well-appointed fitness centers with individual or group fitness classes, transportation services, indoor and outdoor home maintenance and access to additional levels of care if they’re ever needed (such as personal care, memory care, rehabilitation or skilled nursing).

Our IL communities are part of CCRCs, which means they are not stand-alone campuses. Communities like ours come with substantial advantages over other options, but it’s crucial to understand every opportunity that’s out there.

What are my independent living options?

The following are some of the most common categories of IL communities:

  •    CCRCs (Diakon Senior Living): CCRCs provide seniors with retirement lifestyle amenities and care services all in one place without ever needing to move off campus for health-care reasons. Contract types within CCRCs vary, with some offering the all-inclusive Type A contract (Lifecare), which has an upfront guarantee of health care at a predetermined rate and a more significant entrance fee, to Type C (Fee-for-Service), meaning residents pay market rates for additional services when they’re needed.

There are many benefits to an independent living community located in a CCRC. These benefits include: 

  1. Maintenance-free living, with all indoor, outdoor and seasonal home maintenance provided
  2. Paid utilities
  3. A variety of floor plans customized to your tastes and needs
  4. Access to on-site care services if health needs should change, including personal care, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation
  5. A significant decrease in household responsibilities
  6. A “lock and leave” lifestyle – meaning active residents can travel and come and go as they please
  7. Concierge-style amenities and services made for your convenience and enjoyment
  8. Access to on-site levels of care
  9. A worry-free lifestyle that promotes wellness


  •    Stand-Alone Retirement Communities: Stand-alone retirement communities are restricted to those of a certain age, often starting at age 55. These housing units are often an initial downsizing option solely for independent living and can look like single-family homes, duplexes, mobile homes, townhouses or condominiums. They can be rented or bought. If an individual or a couple needs an additional level of care at some point, they’ll have to transition from a stand-alone community to one that offers such care services.


  •    Rental Communities: Rental communities typically require little to no entrance fee. Instead, you pay a monthly fee based on the level of care you receive (personal care, skilled nursing, etc.), with the cost increasing as your needs change. Your typical monthly fee often includes the following: Monthly residence rent, meals, home maintenance and housekeeping, community amenities, some utilities and security.

Live life your way at Diakon Senior Living. With services and amenities that make each day worry-free and endless opportunities to fulfill your dream retirement, discover independent living that exceeds expectations. For more information, go to our website or call (844) 342-5661 today!

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