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The social benefits of a senior living community

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll not only on health but also on people’s ability to socialize.
We’ve taken extensive steps at all our senior living communities to provide as much socialization as possible while focused as well on keeping everyone safe. Nevertheless, we also look forward to the time soon when we can resume more “normal” activities.
That’s particularly important because something most people recognize about senior living communities is that socialization and connections are key to creating an ideal environment for older people.
Connecting with others and remaining social have many advantages; in fact, most older adults find that living alone at home simply doesn’t provide opportunities for them to meet new people, explore their passions, enjoy the company of others or live the lifestyle they want to enjoy.
At a senior living community, there are many ways people can achieve the benefits of socialization, allowing for a happy, healthy and social life!
If you or a loved one are looking into making the move to a senior living community—particularly now that vaccinations are beginning to take hold and we are offering safety-focused in-person tours—I hope you will consider some of the social benefits residents enjoy on a daily basis!
●       You can meet an array of new people. When moving to and living in a senior living community, you can be introduced to different types of people who have similar life experiences or very different ones. From seniors just like you to people who enjoy other interests, the opportunities are endless.
●       You have the chance to explore something new and find others with your passion for adventure. Many older adults love senior living because they can explore a multitude of new experiences, opportunities, clubs and activities. This aspect of life in a senior living community life also provides opportunity to meet others who love to embrace new things, enjoy the possibilities of every day and make the most of lifelong learning, inspiring you to do the same!
●       You also have the ability to make friends with those who love the same things you do. Do you enjoy morning coffee or nightly walks outdoors? Have you always loved playing an instrument and wanted to join a band? Are there others near you who share your love of animals? In senior living, you’re bound to find plenty of people who enjoy the very same things you do, especially when you join clubs and programs featuring things you enjoy!
●       You can always find someone to dine with. A problem many older adults tend to experience as they age is no longer eating enough or not eating healthy meals. This situation can arise because they are cooking for themselves, eating alone or simply dining out. At senior living communities, residents can dine together, enjoy one another’s company, delight in delicious and nutritious meals—in total, making dining fun again.
For more information about the social opportunities and benefits that our communities offer, please feel free to contact a Diakon Senior Living Community today. We would be happy to share more about our programming, lifestyle, events and more.

Cindy Bonney, NHA, MBA, PCHA
Diakon Senior Living Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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