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‘Pre-Hab’ 101: Maximizing your short-term rehabilitation

Last month I wrote about the value of short-term rehabilitation for people who experience a health emergency, a hospitalization or injury or who just otherwise need help in transitioning to safe living at home.

While short-term rehab features a specially trained team of professionals to help you, it’s particularly helpful—if possible—to know what to do beforehand, to prepare for rehabilitation. Doing so can help you make the most of your short-term stay.

To help you, we’ve compiled a number of ways to prepare.

While accidents and emergencies can happen, if you have surgery planned, you may want to consider these questions:

●    What program will meet your needs? Do you need to be close to home, or want to be close to family? You are likely to get the most out of short-term rehab if it meets such needs.

●    What services will you need? From on-site physical therapy, in-home visits from doctors, special diets and more, a senior living community must offer the services you need.

●    How will you pay? Savings, insurance and Medicare Part A can help to pay for short stays, through which you receive care for hospital-related medical conditions, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Plus, before choosing a short-term rehabilitation facility, be sure you know what to look for:

●    A specially trained team
●    A personalized care plan
●    The fitness equipment you will need
●    Social opportunities and programs
●    Nutritious and healthy dining

After you’ve chosen a senior living community for short-term care, it’s important to maximize your stay.

●    Be open and honest with your care team. If you are in pain, aren’t comfortable returning home, need additional assistance or just have questions, don’t sit by. Ask!

●    Be positive. Sometimes summoning that emotion can be challenging, but with short-term rehab’s additional assistance and personalized plan, the experience can be great, leaving you feeling better than ever.

●    Enjoy everything the community has to offer. Take advantage of the services, amenities and programming offered by the community. These activities are often included in the cost, so enjoy them until you leave!

●    Follow all of your care team’s instructions. If you don’t, you may re-injure yourself, have a longer stay or not heal properly. Be sure to listen to recommendations and take medications as directed.

If we can help you with this process, please never hesitate to contact a Diakon senior living community.

Cindy Bonney, NHA, MBA, PCHA
Vice President, Diakon Senior Living Services Sales & Marketing

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