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Five ways a CCRC offers peace of mind and security

We love to do educational events at our senior living communities.

Recently, we’ve tried to hold unified events across many of our campuses. For example, in June most of the campuses have speakers detailing the financial benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (which some parts of the industry are terming Life Plan Communities).

That’s an excellent subject because, in fact, retirement communities do offer adult adults and their families both peace of mind and security.

As we age, we understand that there’s very little in life that’s set in stone. Life is unpredictable, and in the blink of an eye, things can change. This doesn’t just include everyday plans, but also finances, lifestyles and even abilities and health.

Certainly, it can be easy to become focused on the unknown, but that’s no way to live. And that’s not how most older adults want to live in retirement—and they shouldn’t have to.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities, such as those operated by Diakon Senior Living Services, are the perfect option for older adults who want to take advantage of an active lifestyle, but also want the peace of mind of available health care and knowing their needs will be met if their health changes. And that’s not to mention the wide array of other benefits.

When considering a move to a CCRC, it can be easy to look just at cost; however, the value far outweighs the cost. Here are just a few of the many ways our communities offer peace of mind and security:
1.    Worry-Free Living. CCRCs allow seniors to experience a lifestyle in which they don’t need to worry about anything. All of their needs are taken care of from care and home maintenance to housekeeping and, in many cases, dining. Residents simply focus on doing whatever they’d like to do, whether it’s enjoying programming, relaxing or grabbing a bite to eat with a friend.

2.    Access to Health Care. Health needs, no matter what they may be or how they change, can be taken care of at Diakon Senior Living. You or your loved one never need to think about where you’ll move if your needs become too complex—most often, you can simply remain in the community you love with access to everything you need. With an array of care levels and accommodations from independent living to personal care (assisted living in Maryland), memory care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, we can meet your needs and provide the security you deserve.

3.    Innovative Wellness Programs. Residents are encouraged to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible, so we provide a lifestyle in which wellness is a top priority. Enjoy exercise classes, personalized care plans and more. Best of all, you don’t even need to leave the community to enjoy what’s offered.

4.    Personalized Support. The right care comes with getting to know residents on a personal basis. With a person-centered approach, our Care Transitions program helps to coordinate care and continuity in the health-care setting. Our community works as a team to help you maintain the lifestyle you love and desire.

5.    Engaging Programming and Activities. No matter what form of care you need, there are programming and activities that can be tailored to meet your abilities and interests. Stay engaged, active and continue enjoying everything you love.
If peace of mind is something you want or if you want to feel secure your loved ones are living a lifestyle they’ll love with all the benefits they deserve, visit us at Diakon Senior Living Services.

Deanna Ziemba
Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
Diakon Senior Living Services

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