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Making that vision of the future come true!

From the time we are young, we tend to look forward to a time when we can enjoy a lifestyle in which we don’t necessarily have to work and can relax and have time to pursue passions we may have put aside.

We envision this time, and the activities we’ll enjoy with family and friends, but we often don’t consider how we’ll ever achieve that.

And we may couple that vision with a desire to remain in our own home as long as possible. What we don’t consider is the fact living in that home typically comes with restrictions and responsibilities.

Consider this: A snowstorm is coming. You need to grocery-shop, make sure you’re ready to shovel a driveway and sidewalk, and check to see if you have ice-melt for the outside steps so that you don’t fall.

Or perhaps you want to visit family or take a vacation. Typically, you need to find someone to check on your house, maybe pick up your mail or water the garden.

And these are just a few of the responsibilities you need to worry about—instead of having that time to do all those things you postponed. This situation doesn’t match that vision you had of retirement.

That’s exactly why many older adults seek out a vibrant senior living community to call their new home, a home without maintenance worries or other responsibilities.

At Diakon Senior Living Services, older adults can enjoy the lifestyle they envision. Instead of worrying about housekeeping and maintenance, they can focus on what truly matters to them.

Just a brief listing gives meaning to the phrase “maintenance-free” living.

●    We take care of all maintenance and housekeeping for you. You never need to worry again about raking leaves, shoveling snow or home repairs.
●    In some cases, you also don’t need to be concerned about meals, but have access to chef-prepared meals daily.
●    You can take advantage of outings and fun excursions, without the stress of having to plan them. Plus, you can enjoy plenty of activities right on campus.
●    Need transportation? Often, there is scheduled transport to key stores and activities, so you don’t have to worry about driving in bad weather.
●    You have access to an in-home emergency response system.
●    Many communities offer a range of health and wellness programs to help ensure your well-being and fitness.
●    Moreover, if your health needs change, most communities offer other levels of care, so that you don’t have to worry about making another move.

At Diakon Senior Living, we encapsulate our ability to offer you that vision of retirement you’ve long held with the simple phrase: “This is the Way to Live!”

—Naki Godfrey
Regional Director of Sales, Marketing & Business Development
Diakon Senior Living Services

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