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Senior living … with the emphasis on living!

It’s a concern I often hear.

Life in a senior living community means giving up your independence. Or it means you no longer own your own home. Or it means we’ll be isolated from our friends and family. And on and on.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

And so many people who come to live in a Diakon Senior Living Community later say they held back from making a decision and were suddenly forced to consider the move. They frequently add that they wish they had made the decision long ago, had they known the positive impact our lifestyle can have.

We at Diakon Senior Living Services are happy to debunk such commonly held myths. In fact, many of our residents say that community life opens up new opportunities for better health and wellness, quality of life and a sense of fulfillment they could never experience living on their own!
From greater independence to security for the future, the benefits can be life-changing:
●    A Home That Fits Your Lifestyle. Living in a home that suits your current life offers stress-reducing and time-and-money-saving advantages. At many of our Diakon communities, people have the choice of beautiful independent living cottages or apartments with a variety of floor plans and features to fit their personal style and preferences.
●    Maintenance-Free Living. Imagine what you could do with the time, energy and money you spend keeping up with housework and bills. Senior living communities simplify the to-dos of daily life by taking care of indoor and outdoor maintenance and, in some cases, housekeeping, laundry and cooking.
●    Options for Dining. Senior living increases the choices you have when it comes to when and where you eat. While your home may be equipped with a full kitchen, there often are also dining venues on campus serving chef-prepared meals.
●    Enhanced Social Life. Senior living communities are designed to meet older adults’ needs for social interaction. You can balance the privacy of your home with an active, social community right outside your door. Attend scheduled events and parties and participate in programs with friends and neighbors. There’s always someone around to share a meal or chat over a cup of coffee.
●    Freedom to Be You. However you imagine your ideal daily lifestyle, you can make it a reality as a resident of one of our communities. With daily chores out of the way, you’re free to spend your time and attention on the things you love most. Immerse yourself in a favorite hobby or take advantage of fun amenities on campus. You can enjoy trips knowing your home is safe and taken care of. The choices are unlimited and up to you!
●    Peace of Mind About the Future. While no one wants to think about future health-care needs, perhaps one of the greatest ways senior living can increase your quality of life is by ensuring your access to care should you ever need it. In fact, if you choose a senior living community with a continuum of care including on-site personal care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing or memory care, you can rest assured in that security. Plus, you won’t have to worry about moving if your health declines, adding stability and comfort throughout your retirement years.
If you’re ready to discover the life-enhancing benefits of senior living, please contact any Diakon Senior Living Services community today.

We’d love to discuss all of our remarkable options—and continue to debunk those senior-living myths you may have!

Deanna Ziemba
Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
Diakon Senior Living Services




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