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The value of having access to on-site health services

When Sarah and John began the process of selecting a senior living community for their retirement years, the minor health issues they had faced recently—Sarah’s chronic arthritis had flared up and John learned he has diabetes—played a role in their decision.

In their early 70s, they were still a very active and independent couple and yet they had come to recognize that future, potential health-care needs played a bigger role in life now.

In fact, a significant reason many older adults choose to make the move to a senior living community is for the health benefits.

A community setting inherently promotes a more active lifestyle, not to mention the availability of amenities that make exercising more feasible and fun. But perhaps the greatest value is the senior living community’s on-site access to health care and related services.
Diakon Senior Living Communities offer a variety of health-care services. Having access to lifestyle options that range from daily personal care to rehabilitation programs that enhance recovery, older adults feel confident and secure, no matter what the future holds.
Consider how the health-care services on site at Diakon Senior Living communities add incredible value to the health and happiness of our residents!
Continuum of Care
In addition to active lifestyles for independent seniors, our communities offer a continuum of care and lifestyle options to meet the various needs of aging adults, including:
●    Personal Care – For seniors who need some assistance with daily living tasks, such as getting dressed, personal hygiene or escorts to activities, personal care is a perfect solution.
●    Memory Care – Older adults affected by memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease find the support they need through our memory care programs.
●    Skilled Nursing Care – Those in need of 24-hour care following a hospital stay or those with long-term care needs can experience advanced medical care in our state-of-the-art care centers, located right on campus.
●    Rehabilitation – Including physical therapy following an injury and occupational therapy after surgery, our rehabilitation services help residents get back to their favorite activities and routines quickly and with optimal support.
A Wellness-Focused Lifestyle
We believe that great health is a vital part of a fulfilling lifestyle, so our communities and programs are designed to ensure that older adults can embrace all dimensions of wellness through nutritious dining options, clubs and activities that support active living and on-campus exercise programs and fitness centers. In addition, some communities offer independent-living residents such wellness-focused services as a nurse care navigator.
Connections to the Medical Community
At Diakon Senior Living, we do our best to make necessary and life-enhancing health services easily accessible to our residents.

We’re constantly improving our on-site programs and offerings, but sometimes, we have to look off-campus to best meet a resident’s unique need. That’s why we foster positive working relationships and connections throughout the surrounding medical communities.

We make ourselves well-known by the best and closest medical centers for those times residents require emergency or hospital care. Whether we bring these professionals on site to give lectures or provide screenings, or we refer residents for specialized services, these connections help our residents get the best care off site as well as on.
Confidence in Care
We offer an array of health-care services to enhance residents’ lives and provide support no matter how health needs change over time.

That focus gives residents the confidence to go about their purposeful lives, knowing they won’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle they love to receive the care they might one day need.

—Naki Godfrey
Regional Director of Sales, Marketing & Business Development
Diakon Senior Living Services

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