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‘Smart Seniors’ at Diakon Senior Living: The pursuit of knowledge

After retirement, it can be easy slip into habits that don’t always challenge our minds and bodies. Without careers or family to care for, we can become isolated and out of touch if we aren’t careful.

But when we pursue something of value to us, it can give us energy and purpose each day. It can provide goals and reasons to be active members of our community.

For that reason, lifelong learning is an important part of healthy aging.

Not only does continued learning stimulate the mind and battle the risks of cognitive decline, but it also provides individuals with the benefits of new perspectives, social opportunities and a sense of purpose.
Whether you choose to explore something new or continue learning in an area of personal expertise, staying mentally active is a key to a healthy and meaningful lifestyle.

Diakon Senior Living Communities value the pursuit of knowledge throughout retirement and create many avenues for older adults to try new things and educate themselves on relevant ideas and topics of interest.

One of the ways we do this is with our Smart Seniors seminars, monthly classes designed to educate, engage and increase awareness of a variety of topics important to senior life.
Featuring a variety of topics such as health and fitness, arts, entertainment, current events and more, Smart Seniors seminars offer a fun opportunity to keep the mind and memory sharp and increase self-confidence.

After all, no one wants to feel outdated or behind the times. Smart Seniors offers older adults a fun way to stay up-to-date on the latest senior living trends as well as health topics, smart financial moves and more. A few of our topics include:
●    Living Healthier with Diabetes
●    Veterans Benefits
●    Pain Management
●    Reverse Mortgages
In addition to offering new knowledge, our seminars give people a chance to make new friends. Older adults often find others who share similar interests and values and develop meaningful friendships with their neighbors through the discussions that occur at our seminars.

And because Smart Seniors seminars are open to the public, these opportunities aren’t just limited to residents. Anyone from the local community is welcome to join to learn something new and make social connections!
If you or someone you know is ready to enhance life with the joy, socialization and mental benefits of lifelong learning, contact the Diakon Senior Living community nearest you.

With exciting topics planned every month, there’s always something new to learn at Diakon’s Smart Seniors.  

—Naki Godfrey
Regional Director of Sales, Marketing & Business Development
Diakon Senior Living Services

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