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Diakon Senior Living promotes independence, health and well-being

You might miss several important dates in our 150th anniversary celebration.

While Diakon began as two homes for children in 1868 and 1896, we also were among the earliest providers of senior living.

One home, located in Reading, Pennsylvania, opened in 1876! And a few decades later, one of the superintendents at The Lutheran Home at Topton set aside funds to care for older adults, a goal realized in the 1940s when the children’s home dedicated a building on campus to care for "aged guests." Similar homes soon arose in central Pennsylvania within our prior organizations.

And so, for nearly 150 years, Diakon has been providing compassionate support and gracious hospitality to older adults. That is an amazing legacy!

Today, our mission as a senior living provider is to offer older adults communities in which their needs are fully met. To us, our communities are more than just a place to live or a range of support service. We understand that the needs of today’s seniors are holistic. We provide unique settings where seniors can remain independent and active with daily opportunities to embrace every aspect of wellness—from physical health to emotional well-being.

Independence in body and spirit

At Diakon Senior Living communities, we promote true independence through purposefully designed lifestyle options. Older adults who come to Diakon seeking our independent-living lifestyle find not just a private home in which to enjoy their retirement years, but also a full community dedicated to the parts of life that make independence so worthwhile.

At Diakon, we know that independence is so much more than just living in your own home. We believe—and our residents agree—that independence is a state of mind and a way of life. Our independent-living homes allow residents to enjoy a "maintenance-free" lifestyle. They are no longer tied down by the hassles, chores, and responsibilities of homeownership.

Their days are free to enjoy everything they love. Our residents are empowered to pursue their favorite pastimes, spend more time with family and friends and embrace all avenues of self-care and fulfillment.

Our goal at Diakon Senior Living is to make life as uncomplicated as it can be.

We offer unique services and amenities to give residents the freedom of their time and energy to dive into what brings them joy and makes them feel alive. We accomplish this goal through beautiful options for private cottage- and apartment-homes, exceptional dining services, a full array of campus amenities and a community setting that prioritizes social health and daily opportunities to experience better well-being.

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Deanna Ziemba,

Senior Vice President, Operations and Business Development

Diakon Senior Living Services

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