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Love delivered!

Five or so years ago, during the Advent season, I was driving on an interstate when I approached a large flat-bed truck.

It was the type of truck that typically transports large pieces of road equipment or sections of a bridge.

As I approached the truck in the passing lane, I assumed it was empty, but as I continued to overtake it, I could see it was carrying something small but wasn’t able to make out what that cargo was until I was side-by-side with the truck.

There, strapped tightly down on that long truck bed, was a single item: A Radio Flyer wagon.

While I was never able to see the face of the truck driver, I could easily imagine the rest of the story: A precious gift was on its way to brighten the life of a young child at that moment missing a working parent.

Love delivered!

I recall that image when I think of all of Diakon’s staff members going about their work throughout the year—but, especially, now during this season. There are so many people involved in helping senior living residents, hurting families, children and youths and so many more.

Diakon is not unlike that large truck—a big, sometimes complex organization that always is focused on delivery of the small, precious cargo of a “red wagon”—acts of service given one at a time … custom-designed for each of God’s children we serve.

Love delivered!

The Rev. Mark Wimmer, MBA
Vice President for Church Relations
Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

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